Reserve a day of Team Building and experience a boom of your team. A dynamic day, full of active learning and fun will bring back the cohesion in your team and improve human relations. Our Team Building day can be extreme as much as you ask. If you want to spend a proper day of extreme survival, while being wet, mudddy and with the pair of bruises at the end of day, to participate in the games that bring back the unity and trust in your team or if you want a pleasant walk with activities in nature, that depends on you. Tasks and activities are designed in the way to construct a team spirit and to move the limits of each individual which leads to the sense of fulfilment and pleasure. Choose if you want to spend your activities during a half a day, one day or several days. Likewise, you tell us your demands and suggestions, type of activity, goals and tasks, the length of the period, the location that you want and we will prepare everything by your demands. Team building activities are designed to push you and your team to the limit in a controlled and safe but challenging environment

Develop communication, trust and problem solving Coaching and Feedback Shaping the team Awareness, Acceptance, Intention Team work, communication,strong leadership skills For Team Building activities of several days, you can choose the type of accommodation: -tents and improvised shelters, sleeping under the stars – for complete nature experience -mountain cottage – hotel accommodation Learn how to efficiently communicate in stressful situations and under pressure. Learn new survival techniques, starting the fire, making the shelter, nutrition in nature and navigation, Rappelling along the rocks, Tyrolean traverse, tying knots. gross eat challenge commando crawl Axe Throw Causality Evacuation Challenge Survival Challenge All instructors are trained for providing first aid. Activities are suitable for each level of physical fitness. Activities are conducted in the beautiful nature A refreshment is necessary after the strenuous activities, We offer you numerous types of traditional dishes which we make in nature and at all locations. Team Building activities can be held at any locations

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