In our project Forest classroom, we want to bring closer the nature to the children and young people, to separate them from TV screens, mobile phones and computers, to relive the connectedness with the nature and to recover the feeling of freedom which the urban area has taken from them, to learn some traditional skills which were used while the man was living in harmonization with nature. Children and young people have a lot more potential to be independent, responsible, creative and capable to solve the problems themselves, from what is allowed them to do. If we want that children enjoy their life and to use all beauties that the childhood offers to them, then we have to question our relation towards the children and to rethink how good the childhood looks like and what are its real necessities. The lives of the children are becoming more controlled, directed and limited. They suffer from the insufficiency of the nature and freedom offered to them by the nature. The nature is the primal environment for the child, where the child develops in the best manner and builds as a healthy personality. The parents have to be capable to give the children freedom where the previous generations enjoyed in their youth, and the freedom of meeting with the nature and all the potentials which the nature offers for the healthy development of the man. The significance of the staying in nature for the children and the young is undisputed. We have to embrace that it is natural and healthy that the children undertake risks, make mistakes, have adventures in which they are testing themselves and their boundarie

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